Finally, a Dating Site where you can bump into your hot neighbor!

Have you been trying to approach the hot girl next door for so long but fail every single time? Instagram search didn’t work and Facebook is out of fashion nowadays. Don’t even get me started on Tinder and its “countless” success stories.

Don’t worry! You’re not the only one! There’s been a new dating player in town for the past couple of months that has taken the whole country by storm! Its purpose? Simple. To help guys like you find EXACTLY what they’re looking for.

Let me introduce you to My Local Crush, the first-ever Dating Site that specializes in local dating. Now, “Meet Single Women in your Area” stops being another advertising trick and becomes a reality thanks to the highly sophisticated algorithm implemented by the My Local Crush team. Curious about the way it works? Let me enlighten you!

If you were curious enough and have already pressed the “Free Registration” button, you’ve probably realized that the process of becoming a subscribed member takes less than a minute. What you may haven’t noticed yet is that, except the usual information that dating platforms ask for (gender, sexual preferences, date of birth, email, username and password), you’re also asked to provide your current Region and City! What they need it for? Definitely not to send you flowers!

I can totally understand that you may hesitate to provide this piece of information, to begin with, but pay close attention to the following and you’ll get why. The aforementioned algorithm by My Local Crush works as follows:

New users are primarily classified according to their City and Region. Thus, you are given the opportunity to customize your research and filter by location and as a result find single, beautiful women who live just two blocks away from you! LITERALLY!

It doesn’t stop there, though. From the hundreds of new matches that occur every day through the My Local Crush platform, the algorithm keeps the distances between users and uses the data to offer an even more advanced search method, by km radius! And yes, it is what you think it is. Just enter a number and the platform finds all the available profiles within a radius of your desired kilometers!

To be honest, I was pretty suspicious about the site’s accuracy in the beginning. So I decided to give it a go and search for women within one kilometer of my location. AND I ENDED UP BUMPING INTO 3 GIRLS FROM MY OWN BUILDING. I was shocked!

Caution, though! The algorithm only works when the data is right. The only thing you have to do as a new user is not to be as sincere as possible at the information you insert. At least at the location-related. Oh, and before I forget, you should definitely verify your email in order to get your profile validated and have access to all the platform’s features! Everything else, leave it to the experts!

Take advantage of the Free Registration currently offered by My Local Crush as quickly as possible, because with the rate of growth I’m pretty sure that new users won’t be able to get away with it money-free. Have fun and make every search count!