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Never underestimate the power of online chatting

Getting tired of serious relationships? Do you think it’s time to just have some fun? Well, you’re in for a treat.

Passionate Chat is all about casual dating via awesome chat features with fun people under a light-minded, cool atmosphere.  If you just went through a hard break-up, you’ve tweaked your mentality away from a binding relationship and you are in need of instant satisfaction, Passionate Chat comes with great solutions for you. With active chat rooms, icebreaker ideas and more than 300,000 verified members, the opportunities are right there and it’s on your call to grab them!

“I want to give it a try. What do I have to do?”

With great devotion to its goal keeping it easy and casual, Passionate Chat asks for the absolutely necessary to have you signed up both quickly and straightforward. To give you an overview and have you be on the same page, you’ll just need:

  • Gender and gender preference: feature to sort your search by preference and allow other users to see if they have a chance on you.
  • Date of birth: You should be at least 18 to register ( I mean, what did you expect?).
  • Location: Have people near you find that you’re available.
  • E-mail address: With a standard confirmation process to verify that you’re a legitimate user.

Following this, you have the option of telling others a bit about yourself, upload a profile photo, etc. but those features are optional if you’re not in a mood of putting too much effort yet highly recommended as it definitely helps to catch someone’s attention.

Be sure to check out their list of recommendations for safe and effective flirting and apply that know-how to achieve great results.

“How can I reach other potential dates?”

In Passionate Chat they have given a great amount of their attention in implementing a highly communicative dating community, thus offering a ton of options you can opt-in. Keep in mind that most members are between the ages of 23 and 38, meaning that chatting comes natural to them. Here’s a quick look at the features offered by Passionate Chat:

If your research process has gone a bit too mainstream and want to try something else, you can also reach other users via the chat rooms and forums they provide. Once someone makes the occasional “click” on you, waste no time and approach them with a virtual gift. Passionate Chat offers a variety of 50+ icebreakers to help you find the most suitable conversation- starter. To be honest, that list alone could be a gold mine and help you up your game to unreachable levels.

“I’m totally on board. And what’s the price they put on all of that?”

Passionate Chat works hard to provide a wide range of options for everyone so they need to find ways to keep it balanced in terms of male/female analogy and it seems like they’ve actually managed to achieve it. At the time of writing, the status is about 55% female profiles to 45% male ones. That alone can be the reason why you should definitely at least give it a try!

As for the price, well, prepare to be surprised. Registration AND receiving messages from anyone is absolutely FREE, while you will also get some FREE coins to use for sending messages after you complete the sign-up process. So basically you can start a chat with your match and then decide if you want a full membership or not. Who can say no to that?

Final Verdict

Single and ready to mingle? This site is the new trend for endless chatting!