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The only dating site where shy women can share their naughty secrets!

Did you really think that American women are wasting their whole day, messing around in social media? Think again! Facebook and Instagram have gone out of fashion as there are new digital hotspots that have taken everyone by storm! Nobody (especially women) is a fan of the over-exposure and criticism that lies around all the mainstream social media. People need a place where they can fearlessly be themselves! Pick Your Fling comes to the rescue, filling that void in the best way possible!

Why Pick Your Fling out of all the Dating Sites available?

Pick Your Fling is a strong player in the American Dating scene for 2 main reasons:

1. The platform has been carefully designed to attract the biggest portion possible of the American female audience and, to be honest, the results speak for themselves! At the current time that you’re reading this, female singles are the undeniable majority of profiles in Pick Your Fling. And that’s what makes it stand against all other mainstream dating sites, where women are hard to find.

2. Subscription is as easy as it could get and, of course, it’s 100% FREE. Take 2 minutes of your time to register for free, set up your profile and the matching algorithm will waste no time to find attractive, like-minded singles you can chat with. Pick Your Fling will also give you an overview of all the profiles that showed interest in you so you can get to flirting/chatting mode quicker and easier

How safe is my data with Pick Your Fling?

First of all, I totally understand your suspicious thoughts. But I can assure you that the no.1 priority of the creators of Pick Your Fling is to create a confidential and anonymous environment for their users. For starters, all the necessary data protection and safety protocols are implemented, so that every single user is 100% sure that their personal data is safe with the platform.

In general, if YOU decide not to provide your real personal information, no one will ever know about your presence in Pick Your Fling! Don’t tell me you’ve never thought of how awkward it would be to stumble upon a friend or ex-girlfriend on apps like Tinder. What’s a better way to avoid that than a legitimate, popular dating site?

Final Verdict